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Here, you can find all data sheets, latest versions of software tools and SDK, as well as all stable versions of our standard firmware. If you’re looking for a version that’s not listed below, please get in touch with us.

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Data sheets

The documents here are the same as the ones in the Products section.

Cross-product data sheets

Cross-product properties: Baltech_Cross-Product_Properties_Datasheet_EN_v1.1
Supported card types: Baltech_Cross-Product_Cardtypes_Datasheet_EN_v2.2

ID-engine ZM Module

Data sheet: Baltech_ID-engine-ZM_Datasheet_EN_v2.1
Orderable items:
3D files (STP format) – 1 and 2 connector break-outs: Baltech_ID-engine-ZM_Housing-3D-STP-Files_v1.0

ID-engine ZB Brick

Data sheet: Baltech_ID-engine-ZB_Datasheet_EN_v2.1
Orderable items:
3D file (STP format): Baltech_ID-engine-ZB_Housing-3D_v1.0

ID-engine XE

Data sheet: Baltech_ID-engine-XE_Datasheet_EN_v2.1
Orderable items: Baltech_ID-engine-XE_Orderable-Items_EN_v1.1


Data sheet: Baltech_ACCESS200_Datasheet_EN_v2.1
Orderable items: Baltech_ACCESS200_Orderable-Items_EN_v1.1
Installation guide – configuration via USB: Baltech_ACCESS200_Howto-Installation_USB-Config_EN_v1.3
Installation guide – contactless configuration: Baltech_ACCESS200_Howto-Installation_Contactless-Config_EN_v1.3
SNET guide for project managers: Baltech_ACCESS200_Howto-Snet-Project-Setup_EN_v1.2
Drill template: Baltech_ACCESS200_Drill-Template_EN_v1.0

Cards and transponders

Data sheet: Baltech_Cards-Transponders_Datasheet_EN_v1.0


Data sheet: Baltech_Accessories_Datasheet_EN_v1.0
Orderable items:

Declaration of conformity

EU DoC, EU RoHS, China RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals: Baltech_Cross-Product_Declaration-of-Conformity_EN_v1.2.pdf

RMA form

RMA form for returning readers to us: Baltech_Cross-Product_RMA_EN_v1.0.pdf

Software tools


v4.26.08 | 20 May 2022
Changelog & Known issues

v5.00.01 | 19 July 2022

The documentation still refers to the current stable version 4.26.
Please check the beta version’s changelog for an overview of the new features.

Card Formatter

v3.06.02 | 06 July 2021
Data sheet | Known issues | Documentation

PKI Certificate Manager

v1.01.00 | 17 April 2018
Known issues | Documentation | Default PKI package

Remote Support

v15.22.3 | 4 October 2021

Versions and updates
Please always update to the latest version of our software tools. This ensures you benefit from the full feature scope and get the latest bug fixes. We’re committed to backward compatibility, so you can safely use new versions with your existing configurations, keys, and other assets in your project.

You’re experiencing an issue?
Before reporting it, please make sure you have the latest version and check the known issues (see the link next to the Download buttons). There you may find a workaround.


CDC/VCOM driver Windows 7 & 8

v6.99.03 | 04 March 2016

The required drivers for all host interfaces are by default included in the operating system.
For Virtual COM port, the following exceptions apply:

  • ID-engine Z: On Windows 7 or 8, install the driver on the left.
  • ID-engine SD/PAD (legacy products): On any Windows version, install this legacy driver.


v3.17.00 | 22 December 2021
Changelog & Known issues

Tip: Also install our ToolSuite – it’s great for testing.

Semantic versioning
The SDK uses semantic versioning, i.e. the version number is composed as follows: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

  • MAJOR: New features that cause breaking changes
  • MINOR: New features that are fully backwards compatible.
  • PATCH: Bug fixes only

This versioning only refers to the dynamic library BRP Lib. The reason is that most features and bugfixes are added there. The static ibrary BALTECH API is an auto-generated wrapper, where changes are less frequent. However, we don’t fully rule out breaking changes even in a minor version.

To avoid adjustments in productive applications when API breaking changes occur, you can update BRP Lib individually and continue to use your current version of the statically linked API.


ID 1100 – ID-engine Z | ACCESS200

Stable version v2.00

v2.00.08 | 13 April 2022
Changelog & Known issues

Stable version v1.xx

v1.23.01 | 7 August 2020
Changelog & Known issues

ID 1094 – ID-engine XE

v1.02.00 | 22 October 2019
Changelog & Known issues

Available versions
For each stable version of our standard firmware you can download the latest bug fix version. Older versions are available on request.

Production versions

  • Production version for firmware 1100 is v2.00. We always deploy the latest bug fix version, which is available here.
    (Learn more about this concept of “rolling releases” in this blog article.)
  • Production version for firmware 1094 is version 1.02.00, which is available here.

Updating the firmware
In our documentation you’ll learn when an update makes sense and how to install it.

Legacy ressources

The following resources apply to our legacy products, i.e. the predecessors of our current reader types ID-engine Z and ACCESS200.

Data sheets

Data sheets for our legacy products. The documents here are the same as the ones in the Products section.

ACCESS55 data sheet: Baltech_Legacy_ACCESS55_Datasheet_EN_v2.2
ACCESS55 pinning RS-485: Baltech_Legacy_ACCESS55_Pinning-RS485_EN_v1.0
ACCESS100 data sheet: Baltech_Legacy_ACCESS100_Datasheet_EN_v1.4
ACCESS100 techncal data: Baltech_Legacy_ACCESS100_Technical-Data_EN_v1.16
ID-engine PAD data sheet: Baltech_Legacy_ID-engine-PAD_Datasheet_EN_v1.8
ID-engine SD data sheet: Baltech_Legacy_ID-engine-SD_Datasheet_EN_v4.0
ID-engine SD pinning: Baltech_Legacy_ID-engine-SD_Pinning_EN_v2.3
ID-engine X starter manual: Baltech_Legacy_ID-engine-X_Starter-Manual_EN_v0.5
ID-engine XG data sheet: Baltech_Legacy_ID-engine-XG_Datasheet_EN_v1.2_10089-xxx-xx 10094-xxx-xx
ID-engine XM Brick data sheet: Baltech_Legacy_ID-engine-XM-BRICK_Datasheet_EN_v1.1_10090-xxx-xx 10099-xxx-xx
LTR-V5 data sheet: Baltech_Legacy_LTR-V5_Datasheet_EN_v1.0
LT6 CM Transponder for ID-engine Z App note: Baltech_Legacy_LT6-CM-Transponder-ID-engine-Z_App-Note_EN_v1.1
Supported card types – ID-engine X | ACCESS100: Baltech_Legacy_ID-engine-X_ACCESS100_Cardtypes_EN_v1.2

Firmware ID 1019 – ID-engine SD | ID-engine PAD

Stable: 1019_ide_standard_1_43_03
Beta: 1019_ide_standard_1_50_03

CDC/VCOM driver – ID-engine SD | ID-engine PAD