Product Concept
Based on the product philosophy "balanced technology to meet your needs" BALTECH has developed a broad range of products and services which are offered as standard- or customized products, which are based on BALTECH's modular concept with the standard products. Standard products like the ID-engine family modules - with outstanding functionality - provide access to RFID-technology through easy to use interfaces. Due to their universality, they are used throughout all application areas of RFID and Contactless Smartcard technology.

Our products are tailored specifically to application requirements for various areas like

  • access control, time&attendance (company card systems, parking)
  • cashless payment, vending machines
  • tourist card systems
  • loyalty schemes
  • identification, e-passport
  • industrial identification and data management
  • retail, logistics
  • etc.

BALTECH also supplies complete systems and solutions which have been created e.g. in the area of Card Encoding / Initialization, Production Testing, Payment Systems.

R&D - 100% inhouse

  • H/W development: analog, digital, PCB, RF
  • Firmware and VHDL development
  • S/W development


  • Material management
  • SMT production lines (outsourced)
  • Production tests and configuration


  • Standard products: Direct sale world wide
  • Customized products: shipment to customer's stock or logistics service world-wide