ID-engine® - Proximity and Midrange Read/Write Devices
Standard reader modules for integration, handling various 13,56 MHz RFID and Smart Card Systems like ISO 14443 A/B, Mifare®, Legic®, my-d® (Infineon), ISO 15693.

ID-engine® PAD
Ultra flat desktop read/write devices for USB based host operation. Suited for various applications from e-passport, logical access to universal read/write device.

Readers and terminals for standalone or controller/network based access control applications. Supported Technologies: Mifare®, Legic®, ISO 15693, ISO 14443 A/B.

BALTECH Card Formatter
For secure Mifare® smart card programming and project handling.

CCT Terminals
BALTECH's CCT-Series Contactless Chipcard Terminals support all major 13,56 MHz contactless Smartcard- and RFID-systems. Standalone, PC-based and mobile devices for offline and modem connected online applications in areas like payment systems, time & attendance, tourist, loyalty etc.