PC Security Solution contactless

Our Solution for you: Software + ID-engine PAD

Single Sign On,
Virtual Private Drive,
Crypted Group Share,

PC security solution supports contactless Smart Cards and transponders of all popular card systems that use the frequency 13.56 MHz such as MIFARE, DESFire, ISO14443, ISO15693. In addition, proprietary systems such as HID or Legic can also be supported on request. A broad range of functionalities are already available with memory cards such as PC-Logon, Single Sign On, Virtual Private Drive and Crypted Group Share.
If the tried-and-tested MIFARE card technology is employed, memory cards and high end processor chip cards can even be combined with PKI support. This permits a companywide and consistent solution tailored to the individual security requirements of  each workstation.

All Mifare memory and processor chip cards are compatible with other systems such as access control, time & attendance, vending machines, epurse etc. The solution consists of a centrally administrable software for Windows PCs and an ID-engine PAD desktop read/write device with USB interface.
Special concepts to enroll already distributed employee cards permit smooth and secure roll-out of the solution.

Download Datasheet: PC_Security_eng_online1.pdf  

® Mifare und DESFire are registered trademarks of NXP. Legic is a registered trademark of Legic, My-d is a registered trademark of Infineon Technologies.