BALTECH Card Formatter

BALTECH Card Formatter - BCF

Secure Mifare® Smart Card Programming and Project Handling
The BALTECH Card Formatter consists of the Card Formatter Software and a read-/write device. With this solution, Mifare® card encoding can be done without the need to write project-specific software.

Hierarchical security concept (adminstrator/user) for handling of sensitive data.

Sophisticated built-in mechanisms to exchange card formatting information without security gaps between project participants.

Fully integrated solution:
Encrypted transfer of secret keytable from BCF to BALTECH Mifare readers. Export of BCF-Jobfiles to other BCF-terminals for secure card programming within distributed applications.

ODBC-and ActiveX-interface to exchange data with external databases and management-/printer-software        

I/O-port-controlled operations mode:
which allows an easy connection to e.g. printers and card dispensing machines.

Download:  BCF 


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