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Perfectly equipped for any challenge

With BALTECH readers, you tackle the expected, but also unexpected challenges of a wide variety of RFID projects with ease. Whether you need to switch card systems, add another card system, or exchange an encryption key: Our readers can be easily, quickly, and securely adapted to new requirements – even in productive use.

What makes this possible is the wide feature scope of our devices, accompanied by intuitive software tools for reader and project management as well as supplementary services. Designed with real-world experience from 25 years, implemented with the know-how from 100% in-house development.


Comprehensive RFID support

BALTECH readers are compatible with all common card systems and key fobs.


Highly customizable

Adapt the readers to your cards and background system via their configuration. Implement even complex check routines and I/O actions without development effort.


Easy to set up with intuitive software tools

With the free BALTECH ToolSuite, you can create your configuration using predefined forms, test it right on your computer, and roll it out smoothly via various interfaces.


Respond flexibly, even to unforeseen changes

If requirements change during operation, all you need to do is adjust the configuration. Thanks to wireless deployment, you can easily update readers after installation as well.


Smart security concept

To maintain key sovereinty, end customers can conveniently enter project keys into the configuration themselves. End-to-end encryption protects the keys during transmission to the readers. Check mechanisms in the reader prevent unauthorized reconfiguration.


Card-type-independent development

With just a few, very powerful commands from our macro command set “VHL”, you write universally applicable code that you can reuse for different card types – no code changes required.


Supplementary services

We offer advice on picking the right card system and help you reformat existing cards in the field. Besides, you can order your project configuration from us and have it rolled out during production.


Custom development

Whether you need specific features or a cost-optimized product variant: We develop your custom solution at competitive prices.

ID-engine ZM Module

RFID | NFC | Bluetooth
Multi-frequency read module with integrated antenna

Compact and versatile embedded solution, e.g. for vending machines, industrial PCs, or terminals. ZM Module is BALTECH’s technological flagship. As such, it’s also the basis of ZB Brick and the technological core of ACCESS200, ensuring full feature scope and consistent behavior across products.

Id-engine ZB Brick

RFID | NFC | Bluetooth
Multi-frequency desktop reader

Versatile desktop reader, e.g. for payment, loyalty programs as well as authentication with computers, printers, or machines. Also available as a self-assembly kit with screw-on base plate or as a potted version (rated IP55) for harsh environments.

ID-Engine XE

Ethernet multi-frequency desktop reader

Desktop reader for easy integration into Ethernet environments. With PoE-enabled network port, autonomous operation mode to reduce network load, and support for asymmetric encryption based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


RFID | NFC | Bluetooth
Multifrequency access control reader

Flexible all-round solution for access control: Adaptable look thanks to various (also customizable) front stickers and highly configurable LEDs. Durable hardware and and easy installation – even on metal. Wiegand, RS-485 (OSDP), and USB supported by default. Easy to update, even in productive use.

Software tools

With these 3 integrated tools for reader management, you can analyze project cards, create configurations using predefined forms, test them on your computer, and roll them out via various interfaces.

(Re-)Format project cards easily and safely. Order a job file with the card structre from us, and apply it to the cards conveniently on site.

PKI Certificate Manager
The tool for our Ethernet reader ID-engine XE. Create and distribute certificates for PKI encryption. No expert knowledge required.

Data sheets
Card Formatter

Installation files
in the Downloads section

Cards & transponders

Standard card systems
We provide you with pre-formatted cards and key fobs for the most common systems, with number printing on request. Since the market is complex, we only work with selected suppliers to ensure consistently high quality and performance.

Custom transponders
We develop and produce also custom transponders according to your requirements, e.g. for difficult installation environments.


In addition to suitable cables and screws as well as alternative housing parts, you can order our special function cards that significantly simplify the installation process: Deploy configurations with the ConfigCard, assign bus addresses with the AdrCard, or load any necessary licenses with the LicenseCard.

Custom development

Special functional requirements
We offer firmware adaptions, e.g. to suport a proprietary host protocol, or hardware adaptions, e.g. to tailor the reader to specific installation environments.

Cost optimization
In addition to cost-optimized variants of our standard devices, we also offer fully custom designs for high order volumes: With further optimizations of the feature scope as well as mechanical properties tailored to your production steps.

In both cases, we also take care of international certifications, branding, and logistics.

Legacy products

While we’re constantly working on new product developments, it’s also our aim to continue to offer older product generations – as far as possible – and produce them for you on request. Thanks to in-house production, we can do so at short notice and fair prices.