ID-engine® PAD - for RFID and e-passport applications

The ID-engine® PAD reader is an ultra-flat desktop read/write device, perfectly suited for various applications like e-passport, ticketing, e-purse, logical access etc. Host interface an functionality are fully compliant to the BALTECH reader product suite consisting of ID-engine reader modules, ID-engine LongRange, ACCESS series access control readers and the CCT-series Contactless Smartcard Terminals.


Special Features

  • BALTECH URI, VHL, ConfigCard technology
  • Encrypted configuration download
  • Firmware upgradeable

CARD Systems

  • ISO 14443 A/B
  • ISO 15693


  • Mifare®
  • DES
  • my-d®
  • SAM (ISO7816) optional

Host Interfaces

  • USB 2.0 full speed
  • RS232 (on request)

Application Interfaces

  • USB drivers Win and Linux
  • DLL für MS Windows
  • PC/SC driver

Download: Datasheet IDE PAD-e-onlineV1.4

® ID-engine is a registered trademark of BALTECH, Mifare and I-Code are registered trademarks of Philips. Tag-it is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments. Legic is a registered trademark of Legic Identsystems. My-d is a registered trademark of Infineon Technologies.