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RFID readers from BALTECH

Universally applicable in all your projects.
For access control, time & attendance, payment, and more

More than standard hardware

Supplementary services and custom solutions.
Everything under one roof.

Why readers from BALTECH?

Your benefits at a glance

  • Highly adaptable – even in productive use
  • Easy to set up with intuitive software tools
  • Smart security concept to protect sensitive project keys
  • Card-type-independent development of custom applications
  • Consulting and services in all phases of your project
  • Custom solutions at competitive prices
  • All this based on the know-how of 25 years of RFID development.


Our standard product range includes 4 RFID reader types. Optimized for different application scenarios, they’re the ideal equipment for a wide range of RFID projects. In addition, we provide you with cards and transponders – optionally formatted for your project –, handy accessories, and free software tools for easy reader and project management.

ID-engine ZM Module

ID-engine ZB Brick

ID-engine XE


Software tools

Cards & transponders


Custom development

ToolSuite v5.00 released as new stable version

ToolSuite version 5.00 leaves beta phase and is now the new stable version.

New ToolSuite version 5.00 beta

For new and occasional users, it’s now much easier to try out readers and create configurations.

Introducing “rolling releases” for our standard firmware

As of now, devices with our standard firmware will be shipped with the latest bugfix version. This way you’ll benefit from the latest bug fixes with each new order.

Quality assurance with the BALTECH test robot

A look behind the scenes of our quality assurance: the BALTECH test robot in action

New firmware and ToolSuite version

As of now, BALTECH readers are shipped with the new firmware version 1100 v.2.00. In combination with the new ToolSuite version 4.26 it will greatly simplify the deployment of configurations and firmware updates in future projects.

Welcome to our new website

A lot has changed, not only the look & feel, but above all the content. From now on, you’ll find up-to-date and comprehensive information about our products and services here. In addition, we have a few completely new sections for you:


In addition to the optimum hardware and software, supplementary services can also help to implement an RFID project as efficiently and securely as possible. With our service range, you benefit from our many years of real-world experience – in all phases of your project.


Project setup consulting

Starting out without a predefined card system? We help you pick the right one and define a secure card structure that also takes into account future applications.

Project card reformatting

If you need to reformat cards in the field, we define the new card structure for you. With our Card Formatter tool, you can easily do the formatting on site

Custom configurations

You can also order your configuration from us: either ready to deploy, as a template that you can reuse for different projects, or as a customized component for special requirements.

Configuration rollout

For large reader quantities, we offer configuration rollout during production. This saves you a process step, and subsequent installation becomes even faster and easier.

About us

What makes us a reliable partner

Long-standing experience and specialization
Since it was founded in 1996, BALTECH has specialized in RFID and contactless smart card technology. From the outset, we’ve developed innovative solutions for the international market: We were, for example, one of the first companies in the world to combine RFID and contactless smart card technology.

A clear product strategy from the very beginning
While high configurability makes our readers suitable for a wide range of scenarios, our development focus is on employee ID applications. Be it login, time and attendance, access control, or cafeteria payment: Our solutions make implementation easy, flexible, and reliable.

100% in-house development and production in Germany
Hardware, firmware, and software development, design and manufacturing: All of this takes place at our location near Munich. Thus, we can offer you seamless solutions and have built in-depth expertise in all aspects of RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth technologies.

Competence to solve a wide range of challenges
Our technological know-how and years of real-world experience not only shape our standard products, tools, and services. It’s also our key to developing reliable custom solutions for almost any application scenario. Even for highly complex requirements.

Custom development

While our standard products are suitable for many different application scenarios, there are also cases where a custom solution makes sense:

Special functional requirements
We offer firmware adaptations, e.g. to support a proprietary host protocol, or hardware adaptations, e.g. for specific installation environments. Thanks to in-house development, design, and production we can offer you the highest quality at competitive prices.

Cost optimization
For orders of 100 readers or more, we offer cost-optimized versions of our standard products that contain only the components you need. For higher order volumes, we also offer fully customized designs: In this case, we can optimize the feature set even further – not only by removing features, but also by adding additional ones as needed. Mechanical properties can be customized as well: You can e.g. have the reader’s shape tailored to facilitate the next process steps so you can minimize your production costs.

All-round service

In addition to developing your solution, we also take care of international certifications, e.g. CE, FCC, ATEX, or UL, but also branding of product and packaging as well as worldwide logistics.