Print-management products

For Kofax, Equitrac, and former Nuance solutions, now available in direct sales.
Also compatible with other print management applications.

In addition to our standard product range, we offer a separate print management product range specifically designed for authentication at MFPs: Besides a dedicated USB Product ID, these readers are also equipped with a special firmware that takes into account the specifics of MFP interfaces. While this product range was exclusively distributed by Kofax under its brand name for 17 years, we now offer it in direct sales and for use with various print management applications.


No changes for existing Kofax customers

SKUs, tools, and workflows remain the same. The only difference: Simply send your order directly to BALTECH or order from our online shop.


Tried & tested Kofax compatibility

As long-standing components of Kofax solutions, readers manufactured by BALTECH have been extensively tested not only on Kofax embedded software across all supported printer hardware, but also with the entire Kofax solution including the Kofax Business Connect app


Attractive prices

In direct sales, readers are available at more favorable conditions.


Wide product range to meet individual needs

In addition to individual designs, we offer cost-optimized variants, e.g. without 125 kHz support, and accessories that can be ordered individually as needed. For special requirements, we also offer fully customized designs.


Highly customizable

Our readers can also be configured for various other applications and use cases. We’re happy to provide technical support.


Individual support

For requirements beyond off-the-shelf solutions, we offer individual support, covering both card compatibility and the connection to the MFP.

Micro Card Reader

RFID | NFC | Bluetooth® | Kofax Business Connect compatible

RFID reader with USB connection. The module can be installed in an MFP pocket. With the snap-together housing, also suitable for external installation.

Ordering options:
A) Standard-Set with delivery scope and article numbers known from Kofax
B) Module + individual accessories, to reduce waste and optimize cost.

Learn more in our video.
For details and article numbers, please see the list of orderable items.

Ethernet Card Reader Legacy


RFID reader for Ethernet environments. Easy installation thanks to integrated 2-port switch. Power can be supplied via an external power adapter or by Power over Ethernet (PoE).

This is a legacy product built to order on request. For details and article numbers, please see the list of orderable items.

ID Card Reader
(USB Gen 2) Legacy

RFID | NFC | Bluetooth® | Kofax Business Connect compatible

The predecessor of the Micro Card Reader: Housed RFID reader with USB connection. Available with and without BusinessConnect compatibility.

This is a legacy product built to order on request. For details and article numbers, please see the list of orderable items.

Software tools

With Reader Maintainer, you configure and test readers for you print managment project. For special requirements, you can use ToolSuite, consiting of 3 integrated applications, to create, test, and deploy individual configurations.

Installation files
in the Downloads section

Custom development

While our standard products are suitable for many different application scenarios, there are also cases where a custom solution makes sense:

Special functional requirements
We offer firmware adaptations, e.g. to support a proprietary host protocol, or hardware adaptations, e.g. for specific installation environments. Thanks to in-house development, design, and production we can offer you the highest quality at competitive prices.

Cost optimization
For orders of 100 readers or more, we offer cost-optimized versions of our standard products that contain only the components you need. For higher order volumes, we also offer fully customized designs: In this case, we can optimize the feature set even further – not only by removing features, but also by adding additional ones as needed. Mechanical properties can be customized as well: You can e.g. have the reader’s shape tailored to facilitate the next process steps so you can minimize your production costs.

All-round service

In addition to developing your solution, we also take care of international certifications, e.g. CE, FCC, ATEX, or UL, but also branding of product and packaging as well as worldwide logistics.