NewMobile ID

Use your smartphone for access control, time & attendance, and more

With BALTECH Mobile ID, your employees can use their smartphones, as an alternative to their physical ID cards, to open doors or use similar card-reading applications (e.g., time & attendance, print management, or login).


Intuitive use

  • Present the phone to a reader – no need to unlock it.

Easy setup

  • Activate Mobile ID on the readers via the reader configuration.
  • Add users in our admin web application Mobile ID Manager. No need to change the setup of your access control system.
  • User data can be automatically imported from and synced your with your access control system.


  • The app also works when the phone is offline.
  • Compatible with any access control system.
  • If needed, you can make card and phone use distinguishable.
  • Also usable with other card reading applications e.g. time & attendance, print management or login.
  • Hosting in the cloud or on-premises

Free of charge

  • No fees are charged for either the app or the admin application.

Quick trial

Quickly try out the app with a test reader – no account in Mobile ID Manager needed.

Join the beta phase


  • BALTECH readers with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) support, e.g. 10097-6xx, 10119-8xx, 1×115-6xx, or 1×117-8xx.
  • Smartphones:
    • iPhones 7 and above, tested with iOS 15 and above
    • Android phones with Android version 8 and above

How it works

  • In the admin application Mobile ID Manager, create an admin account and a project.
  • Update your reader firmware and enable Mobile ID in the reader configuration.
  • In Mobile ID Manager, add users for the Mobile ID app.
  • Each user will receive an invitation e-mail with a personalized QR code to self-activate the app and start beta testing.

For all how-tos, please visit our online docs.

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