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print management products

Here, you can find all resources related to our print management readers: data sheets, latest versions of software tools as well as print management firmware. If you’re looking for a version that’s not listed below, please get in touch with us.

Data sheets

The documents here are the same as the ones in the section “Products > Print management”.

Orderable items

All orderable items: Baltech_PrintManagement_Orderable-Items_EN_v2.3
Video: Micro Card Reader ordering options

Micro Card Reader

Product summary: Baltech_Micro-Card-Reader_Product-Summary_EN_v1.1
Product specifications:
User guide:

Ethernet Card Reader

Product summary: ds_kofax-ethernet-card-reader _en_060320
Product specifications:
User guide:
Kofax Ethernet Card Reader User Guide 1.0

ID Card Reader (Gen 2 USB)

Product summary: ds_kofax-id-card-reader_en_071822
Product specifications:
ss_kofax-id-card-reader_071822 – SR
User guide:
Kofax ID Card Reader User Guide 2.0

Conformity & certifications

Declaration of conformity EU DoC, UKCA, EU RoHS, China RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals: Baltech_Cross-Product_Declaration-of-Conformity_EN_v1.6
Country certifications overview: Baltech_Cross-Product_Certifications_EN_v1.0

RMA form

RMA form for returning readers to us: Baltech_Cross-Product_RMA_EN_v1.0


Software tools

Reader Maintainer

v2.21.01 | 06 April 2023
User guide | Relase notes


v5.00.04 | 10 August 2023
Data sheet | Changelog & known issues

Remote Support

v15.22.3 | 4 October 2021
Versions and updates
Please always update to the latest version of our software tools. This ensures you benefit from the full feature scope and get the latest bug fixes. We’re committed to backward compatibility, so you can safely use new versions with your existing configurations, keys, and other assets in your project.

You’re experiencing an issue?
Before reporting it, please make sure you have the latest version and check the known issues (see the link next to the Download buttons). There you may find a workaround.


Current versions

1096 3.00.03

1096 2.40.03

Which firmware is recommended for which reader?

1096 3.00.03 Micro2 Card Reader
Micro Card Reader
1096 2.40.03 ID Card Reader – Multi-Card BC
ID Multi-Card Reader + SEOS BC
Ethernet Card Reader
Equitrac ID Card Reader
Copitrak ID Card Reader