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Introducing “rolling releases” for our standard firmware

12 May 2022

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With version 2.00 of our standard firmware 1100 we’re introducing “rolling releases”. This means that readers with this firmware will not be shipped with a long-term constant version as before, but with a version that always contains the latest bug fixes. This bug fix version is also availble for download.

What does that mean for you?

If you place several orders for the same article number, you may receive devices with different firmware versions, e.g. version 2.00.07 for one order, and version 2.00.08 for the next. This way you benefit from the latest bug fixes with every order; the functionality remains the same.
If we switch to a new “stable version”, that contains not only bug fixes but also new features, we’ll announce this here on the blog and in the newsletter.

For orders with custom firmware, we do not introduce rolling releases – so in this case, nothing will change for you.

Quality assurance

Extensive quality assurance measures are an essential part of every version change. This begins at the development stage: For instance, the development of a pure bug fix release is strictly separated from the development of new features to minimize the risk of newly introduced bugs. In addition, each new version goes through automated end tests with our test robot.

Do you have questions?

We’re happy to answer them. Please write to support@baltech.de or call us at +49 0811-99881-0.

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